Bella Aura is founded on high-performing ingredients and Swiss bio-actives.

Our founder, Yasmine Jones, spent five years developing the Bella Aura Skincare line. It involved intensive, unrelenting research and traveling around the globe to source the most potent, powerful, yet safe and natural ingredients to create our luxurious, high-performing line. We wanted to blend the sophistication of European skincare science with the radiance of ancient medicinal traditions.

With a true understanding of what healthy skin requires, we have a central focus on ROS – the root cause of skin aging, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, acne, dark circles, dullness, and inflammation. With the determination to utilize modern science, and the power of antioxidants, natural, efficacious ingredients, Yasmine sought to work with a top lab in Switzerland. This high-tech skincare lab has 75 years of experience in working with effective ingredients for various cosmetic brands from Europe, Asia, and the USA. These chemists speak the language of cosmetic science and are constantly working at the cutting edge of skin biology.

This message is reflected in the Swiss actives you’ll find in our formulations: The lab recognizes and harnesses the potential power of nature while combining modern technology to generate market-oriented, tried and tested active concepts.

The Swiss transform scientifically proven systems into cosmetic statements. Scientific studies are conducted with a selected network of external partners or in the company’s own in-vivo laboratory. When designing tests, they attach particular value not only to demonstrating the effectiveness of ingredients in vitro and in vivo but also to the fact that these ingredients generate perceptible and visible effects for the consumer.

The Swiss rank number one in the world for skin care, which is why we chose to work with this Swiss lab. Additionally, they work with a range of experts including doctors, scientists, chemists, herbalists, naturopaths, and traditional Chinese medicine doctors. They understand what the skin needs.

Bella Aura products are made with Swiss bio-actives blended with ancient traditions. Our products are based on botanical extracts of plants, trees, fruits, leaves, flowers, and the protein content in their roots: 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin.