About Bella Aura Skincare

Born from our founder’s desire for transparent, healing, and efficacious skincare, Bella Aura blends the sophistication of European beauty with the radiance of ancient medicinal traditions to deliver a line that rebalances, strengthens, and transforms the skin.

With the determination to utilize modern science, the power of antioxidants + the best ingredients nature has to offer, we work with a top lab in Switzerland to develop high-performing and safe products. This advanced skincare lab has over 75 years of experience in working with effective ingredients for various beauty brands from all over the world––including Europe, Asia, and the USA. The lab’s chemist speaks the language of cosmetic science and are constantly working at the cutting edge of skin biology.
Together with our lab, we spend an extensive amount of time to carefully and thoughtfully formulate + craft each product in our line. Each formulation undergoes intense research and development, requiring at least 1 year of repeat formulations and trials.  WE TEST ON HUMANS NOT ANIMALS!

At Bella Aura, we aim to raise the standard for skincare. Rather than chasing trends within the industry, we pay close attention to the root cause of skin problems + the needs of our customers by providing modern, intelligent, multifunctional, and stressless solutions. Our entire line is based on botanical extracts of trees, fruits, leaves, flowers, and the protein content in their roots.
With quality, authenticity, and your skin at heart, each Bella Aura product is nurtured to life with Swiss bio-actives blended with ancient traditions. This means  natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients, with most of our active ingredients being:

• Ecocert Certified
• COSMOS Certified
• Natrue Compliant
• Nagoya Compliant
• Halal Certified