Yasmine's Story

Yasmine Jones had always been blessed with a healthy complexion, until the day her beloved mother passed away. Grief and anxiety soon took their toll, transforming the once beautiful, vibrant complexion into a nightmare. Countless skincare solutions and treatments had proved ineffective, until at last she found the inspiration to create something that could bring hope to the many women who suffer from similar skin issues.

In her quest for relief, Yasmine stumbled upon the healing power of nature, and discovered the perfect blend of traditional Chinese medicinal wisdom, holistic Swiss technology and science-based ingredients. With this unique combination, she was able to deliver fast, safe and transformative results without the use of unstable or outdated compounds. Her goal was simple yet effective; to enable all women to take ownership of their skin.

And so, Bella Aura Skincare® was born. What started as a personal tragedy has now become a symbol of female strength and a beacon of hope. Through her work, Yasmine has changed the landscape of skincare forever, introducing the world to the concept of Skinimalism – a multifunctional approach that is gentle to the skin and the environment. With Bella Aura Skincare®, she has provided the perfect solution that everyone was waiting for.