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“Bella” is the Italian word for beautiful, and "aura" refers to the unique emmanation that surrounds every living creature - its energy. Together, these words create “Beautiful Energy”. Our formulations are designed not only to nourish the body but also uplift the spirit, and ensure that your skin always remains as beautiful as your energy. 

Bella Aura Skincare is proudly Canadian, and all of our products are produced out of Toronto, Ontario. 

Bella Aura Skincare is always cruelty free, and while the majority of our products are vegan, our Night Cellular Renewal, Instant Lifting Eye Contour, Antioxidant Booster, and Daily Repair Moisturizer do contain ethically sourced beeswax. 

All Bella Aura Skincare products are dermatologically tested and free from common irritants, however, as with all decisions surrounding your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and post-partum,we recommend consulting with your primary care physician. They are in the best position to provide you with sound advice.