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June 07, 2019 1 min read

What if we all changed our perception on aging? The whole world of skin care and cosmetics would be turned upside down. The marketing firms would be forced to acknowledge that we all AGE!  At Bella Aura we know intimately that all of us, if we are lucky will gather fine lines around our eyes from laughter. We will get silver strands through our locks. And if we slow our minds and get back to our hearts we will know what a gift it all is. A gift denied to too many. 

We don’t follow trends. We definitely do not agree with the “anti-aging” movement. Honestly if you think about it if someone is promoting anti-aging they are promoting us all just getting ready to die. If we aren’t aging… we are dead.  Spooky but true.

We want you to be alive, healthy, well at every age.  Our focus is finding and healing the root cause of skin problems. Allowing your healthiest most radiant skin to come forth through prevention, protection and restoration. This is the way forward in skin care and we aim to be leaders in this movement of embracing our bodies as they are right now at whatever age we are at! 15-60 we want to help you achieve radiant skin that you feel glorious in.