A Look Inside // Yasmine Jones

A Look Inside // Yasmine Jones

How did Bella Aura Skincare begin? What was the catalyst for this journey?

Seven years ago I was very depressed and was experiencing serious anxiety and panic attacks.I had lost my mother who was everything to me and thus pretty much lost myself. My thoughts were deeply negative and I didn’t sleep or eat for months. I lost far too much weight and had truly lost myself and given up on life. One year into my my mind and body shutting down from grief I received a call that my father had passed away. The devastation that occurred after this call felt neverending.  

My journey began in a state of confusion, depression and anxiety.

The creation of Bella Aura is truly what saved me and helped me raise myself from the shadows of grief.  When I look back I am left with a feeling of deep gratitude for the ways in which I learned to love the struggle instead of allowing it to continue to consume me. Each day was a lesson in learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We often talk about fear and grief as if they are the enemies. I think differently. It was fear that lead me on the journey to finding my own strength. It was grief that helped me get in touch with my own empathy, and the passion I had for life. In order to overcome, I first had to become acquainted with both fear and loss.

When the earth is shaking and you lose your balance, you will need a life line. You will need to have an undeniable faith in something currently stronger than yourself. I have a daily reminder that I repeat when times get tough. “I am ok. I accept myself where I am. I always have my own back. I believe in my ability to heal.” Repeating this mantra makes all the difference.

In this way, Bella Aura was born. My lifeline, my way of giving back to others by providing products that remind you to slow down and show yourself unconditional love.


What inspires you daily in the world?

One of my most profound inspirations is my inner will power to go after what I want in life. I do my best not to depend on outside sources for inspiration. Although of course, many people and initiatives do inspire me. I have made it my mission to find inspiration that is hidden inside my own soul. People and outside things may come and go, but what is within us is a constant.


What makes you feel most beautiful? And what is beauty to you?

I feel beautiful because I’m healed from the brokenness of this world, powerful, peaceful and inspiring. Beauty to me is about your actions, behaviors and how you treat others and animals.


Scent to me brings back memories. Are there any scents that bring you back to your childhood? Or any other special memory? Is there a product in the line that captures this scent?

Neroli brings back memories especially my mother's cookies and her aroma. Neroli is known for its ability to ease states of stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger, grief, depression, and irritability. It encourages lightness of being. My mother believed that it could rid bad spirits and negativity around the house. Personally helped me face emotional fear in a positive manner. Yes I do include Neroli in my core collection it’s my mothers signature that became the base of my line.


Scent, sight, touch, taste, sound, out of our five senses which one is your favorite?

This is so hard but I would go with taste since I am a foodie person and love to taste everything. I enjoy all kinds of food and wine.


What inspires you daily in the world? Are there certain ingredients and or botanicals that make your mind come alive with ideas?

I am inspired by vivid colors in nature: botanicals, pure white clouds, the sun, flowers, bright red sunsets and beautiful souls. There are definitely lots of botanicals that speak to me and now I’m obsessed with oud. It’s my go to for cultivating inspiration and keeps my aura cleansed and pure.


What does the name mean to you?

I promised myself I would create something purely out of love and positivity.  Bella Aura means beautiful aura, your own reflective image, represents both inner and outer beauty, the deep glow from within that illuminates a person’s complexion.


What does your creative process look like? Can you paint us a little picture of a typical day?

I wake up relatively early considering I go to bed late, but I don’t get out of bed right away. I cuddle with my cat this gives me an excuse for me to stay in bed a little longer. I meditate for about an hour. I find that it is very relaxing for me mentally and spiritually and is the best way to start my day. I drink coffee and have my breakfast, never go without it. I go through my phone and respond to my emails and my social media.


Do you have close relationships with the farmers that provide the goods to create your products?

They are my family, without them I wouldn’t be here. I spend lots of time with them each time I go to Morocco. I have a small team that works exclusively for Bella Aura and provides the best cold pressed oil in Morocco.


If you could visit any five places in the world where would they be and why?

Kenya- To experience a sustainable and ecological safari. I always wanted to see animals free and wandering around.. what a great feeling to connect with them, nature and amazing people.

Japan love their rich culture and traditions and of course their incredible cuisine.

India the culture, the spices the exotic foods and of course would like to meet and some of their gurus and learn a few things about  life.

Tibet is my dream place surrounding myself with some of the most powerful people on the planet. Spend time deep in meditation and appreciating every second of the day.

Amazon the place to disconnect from the world and be grounded.. surrounded by the power of nature recharging my soul, mind and body.


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