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Ingredient Spotlight // Hydroxytyrosol

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Ingredient Spotlight // Hydroxytyrosol
We believe in the intersection between science + Nature. We utilize all the magnificence that science gives us while embracing ancient traditions within the plant medicine of our ancestors. 
We want to dive into some of the less talked about ingredients. Important ones. That you often see in their synthetic state and yet can be derived from natural sources with more effective and gentle power. We are going to explore our superstar ingredient, Hydroxytyrosol or Olive Leaf Extract. 
Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful polyphenol which occurs naturally in the olive fruit, pulp, leaves and mill waste waters. Hydroxytyrosol has a potent antioxidant activity – it has one of the highest known ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) results known for a natural antioxidant.
Here are the ORAC values for 100g measurements of each:
black olives = 350
extra virgin olive oil = 372
green olives = 1,010
Kalamata olives = 3,130
olive leaf extract (Olea25) = 6,857,600
It is believed that oxidative stress plays a major role in UVA-induced protein damage to the skin. Preliminary research shows that hydroxytyrosol can work to prevent such UVA damage in melanoma cells.
From nature backed up by science Olive Leaf Extract is proven to help heal so many parts of the body. Internally and externally. You can find this amazing ingredient in our Daily Repair Moisturizerand ourInstant Lift Eye Contour