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Gravity Reverse Beauty Sculptor

We searched long and hard for the perfect tool to compliment our line o intentional skincare products. The Gravity Reverse Beauty Sculptor is designed for absolutely everyone and is safe for every part of your body. Use it in conjunction with our treatment products to lift, form and tighten the skin.From head to tow, this waterproof tool is incredible for face and body massage, aiding in increasing overall healthy blood circulation, as well as encouraging lymphatic draining. Solar micro-currents activate the cells, promoting metabolism and micro-circulation in the skin.

Our passion for sustainability drove our decision to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic and non-recyclable boxes. The Gravity Reverse Beauty Sculptor is packaged in an elegant, reusable velvet pouch designed to protect from scratches and for easy carrying. 40% of each pouch sale will be donated to the Red Door Shelter who are in need now during these challenging times.

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