The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine

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This Valentine's Day, surprise him with "The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine": a simple yet sophisticated 4-step skincare set for radiant, rejuvenated skin. Perfect for the man who deserves a touch of everyday luxury.
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The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine

  • Cruelty free

  • Scientifically-formulated

  • Created by fae frey


  • Gentle & Eco-Friendly

  • Created by Muhammad Atiq from the Noun Project

    Crafted in Canada


The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine" - The Perfect Valentine's Indulgence for Him

This Valentine's Day, sweep him off his feet with "The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine", a meticulously curated set of skincare marvels that promises not just a routine, but a transformative experience. Specially designed for the discerning man, each product in this set is a testament to care, quality, and love.

  1. Gentle Purifying Cleanser: Kickstart his journey to impeccable skin with our Gentle Purifying Cleanser. A Triple-Action Hydrating Foaming Cleanser that goes beyond mere cleansing to refresh, radiate, and balance the skin. Its luxurious foam works gently, leaving his skin pristine and energized - a perfect canvas for the skincare ritual.

  2. Hydra Revive Treatment: Revolutionize his skincare with the Hydra Revive Treatment. This 8-in-1 Skin Replenishing Barrier deeply moisturizes, locking in hydration for up to 72 hours. Witness a transformation as his skin becomes more supple, with wrinkles visibly reduced, revealing a youthful complexion in just 28 days.

  3. Mini Instant Lifting Eye Contour: Address the delicate eye area with our Mini Instant Lifting Eye Contour. This 6-in-1 formula is a miracle worker, designed to rejuvenate the eye area in 28 days. It firms, hydrates, and visibly diminishes wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, unveiling a refreshed, younger-looking eye area.

  4. Eye Renewal Lifting Device: Elevate his eye care routine with the Eye Renewal Lifting Device. This state-of-the-art tool is engineered to soothe and smooth the delicate eye area instantly. Watch as it miraculously reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, leaving the under-eye area refined and rejuvenated. The perfect finish to his daily skincare ritual.

This Valentine's Day, present him with "The Easy-Peasy Skincare Routine" – a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a daily reminder of your affection and care. It's not just a skincare set; it's a luxurious experience, wrapped in love and perfect for the man who deserves an extra touch of indulgence.

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