The root causes of skin conditions include: wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, acne, redness, rosacea, irritation, sagging, dark spots, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, dryness, itchiness, and fine lines.

Problem: Inflammation, a characteristic response of the tissue to an external or internal, potentially harmful irritation. The main causes are excessive inflammatory responses, compounded by a weak skin barrier and with a tendency to react hypersensitivity. It can start as itching and lead to premature aging.

Solution: Bella Aura’s advanced formula is ideal for adjunctive skincare treatment of inflamed skin. Our formulas are gentle yet powerful to relieve sensitivity and itching while also replenishing and stabilizing the physiological skin barrier.

Problem: Hydration, something that may seem simple, but is a very crucial and underestimated skincare strategy. Aging skin is associated with a loss of skin moisture. Skin that is dehydrated is vulnerable to loss of elasticity and the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the core hydration level that makes all the difference in how youthful and balanced your skin looks and feels.

Solution: Skin only receives water from water put into our bodies and water-based moisturizers because skin produces oil, not water. Bella Aura’s water-based emulsions are the ultimate hydrators for skin and will not only alleviate the problem of dry skin, but will also work to improve skin elasticity and firmness, reduce roughness and prevent wrinkle formation. All of this will result in properly hydrated, balanced, fresher and younger looking skin.

Problem: ROS, oxygen-based radicals caused by the air we breathe, sunlight, stress, tobacco smoke, and smog. ROS is produced by living organisms as a result of normal cellular metabolism and environmental factors. It is a form of oxygen in which the molecular structure has been changed. It behaves like a free radical. ROS attacks all areas of our cells – thus, causing premature signs of aging, destroying the skin's natural moisture barrier, and leading to breakouts.

Solution: Bella Aura’s sophisticated enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidative defense system regulates the level of ROS – helping to prevent premature skin aging, inhibiting the formation of free radicals, and actively combating existing radicals. That's also why our entire product line is rich in antioxidants – along with vitamins, peptides, amino acids, omega EFAs – to combat ROS and keep your skin healthy and glowing.