Our product line features the latest innovation in skin science called Micro Emulsion. As you begin to apply our cream-based product, it transforms into light oil, which is readily absorbed deep into your skin. Then, at the cellular level it transforms once again, into water, to hydrate your skin from within.

This technology also allows each of our products to deliver layers of the most powerful antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, all working to enhance the renewal cycle of your cellular turnover.
These aren’t the only benefits our Micro Emulsion technology brings to your skin…
This innovative process is considered, “The Future of Skincare”, because it increases each product’s efficacy and efficiency while reducing toxicity.

We focus on helping you overcome DEHYDRATION, INFLAMMATION, and ROS — the root causes of skin problems.
Other brands on the market use Hyaluronic acid to boost skin's hydration levels. Yet, it can dry your skin in arid climates or if you spend most of your time indoors, as the acid finds it easier to pull moisture from skin instead.
There are ingredients that have a better hydration effect than hyaluronic acid, including:
• black oats (for their water retaining abilities)
• polysaccharides and amino acids (supportive of skin’s natural moisture)
• lecithin (a restorative at the cellular level)
• vitamin E, known as Tocopherol (protects collagen-producing cells)
These ingredients make up our Daily Repair Moisturizer, developed and tested for you to maintain that healthful, youthful look during the harsh winter months as well as to protect against low humidity indoor environments.
Our formulations also offer intense protection by targeting ROS, or Reactive Oxygen Species. This free radical is a major cause of skin aging occurs when your skin is exposed to environmental pollutants and even as a part of the normal cellular process.
Our formulations to protect against the injurious effects of ROS using powerful antioxidants like Hydroxytyrosol, found in olive leaf extract and 15 times more potent than green tea, and Glutahthione, called the master antioxidant.
Bella Aura’s advanced formulation is ideal for the adjunctive treatment of atopic skin: helping to alleviate inflammatory processes, which provides relief from sensitivity and itching, and replenishes and stabilizes the physiological skin barrier.
At Bella Aura, we offer a number of unique, skin focused ingredients to nourish and enhance your skin. These include:
• hydroxytyrosol,
• peptides,
• polysaccharides,
• niacinamide,
• ferulic acid,
• azelaic acid,
• flavonoids,
• palmitic acid,
• proteasome,
• glutathione,
• Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids,
• amino acids,
• caffeic acid,
• quercetin,
• Vitamins A, E, C, K, D, F, P and B complex.
At Bella Aura, we want to become your skin care authority, someone you can trust and look to for guidance regarding your skincare regimen. With this in mind, our team of true experts has taken a unique, intentional approach to product creation, working to blend nature’s most effective ingredients with today’s advanced skincare science.