Bella Aura Skincare's state-of-the-art formulations are designed and tailor-made with a true understanding of what healthy skin requires. We have a central focus on ROS, DEHYDRATION and INFLAMMATION — the root causes of skin problems.

Perfection through protection, prevention, purification and restoration are at the core of this uniquely synergistic beauty system.


An inflammation is a characteristic response of the tissue to an external or internal, potentially harmful irritation. The main causes are excessive inflammatory responses, compounded by a weak skin barrier and with a tendency to react hyper-sensitivity. This promotes uncomfortable sensations such as itching leading to a vicious cycle and chronic progression. The consequences can range from premature skin ageing and accelerate inflamm-ageing to serious skin diseases. Bella Aura advanced formula is ideal for adjunctive skincare care treatment of atopic skin: by easing inflammatory processes not only reliefs sensitivity and itching, but also helps replenish and stabilise the physiological skin barrier.

The natural elixir, water, and the simple task of supplying the skin with extra hydration have escaped our attention . Hydration may seem simple, but in fact it is a very important and probably underestimated age defined strategy.
Human skin ageing is a complex biological process, not yet fully understood. It is widely agreed that daily exposure to external factors (extrinsic ageing or photoageing) in addition to the normal process of ageing (intrinsic ageing) causes loss of moisture over time. Thus, skin ageing seems to be associated with a loss of skin moisture. In other words, dehydrated skin is a breeding ground for unwelcome changes in skin physiology, eventually fuelling the loss of elasticity and the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. No matter how many up-to-the- minute ingredients are used to combat the signs of time, it is the core hydration level that makes all the difference, and keeps the skin looking fresh and young. Knowing this, it becomes apparent that the application of cleverly designed Bella Aura Skincare  will not only alleviate the problem of dry skin, but will also work to improve skin elasticity and firmness, reduce roughness and prevent wrinkle formation. All of this will result in properly hydrated, fresher and younger looking skin.

Over recent decades it has become clear that age-related degenerative processes are a consequence of oxidative stress associated with free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Oxidative stress occurs when the concentrations of reactive oxygen species ( ROS ) and antioxidants ( AOX ) are not in balance. ROS plays an important role in the ageing process. The damaging side effects triggered by excessive exposure to ROS are the price we pay for the benefits of oxygen asked metabolism. Ironically oxygen is essential for life, yet ultimately it is responsible for oxidative stress, ageing processes and cell death. ROS are formed as the consequence of the normal cell metabolism, or are also induced by external sources. Bella Aura sophisticated enzymatic and non-enzymatic anti-oxidative defence system regulates the level of ROS it prevents premature skin ageing and inhibits the formation of free radicals and actively combats existing radicals.