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Bella Aura Skincare was designed to bridge the gap between nature + science. We see and utilize the rich knowledge from century old traditions while being left in awe of the innovations within the lab. This collision between nature and science allows us to ensure product quality, efficacy and safety. Functionality. Simplicity. Long term results. This is what we aim to provide for you. We focus on three root causes of skin issues and create products that nourish and provide skin with everything it needs get back into balance.

Let’s jump right in and talk about the science behind oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when the concentrations of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidants (AOX) are not in balance. For example, when the organism is exposed to excessive concentrations of ROS or when the antioxidative defence system is weakened. Antioxidants form the body’s own defence system; they are molecules and enzymes which neutralise the potentially dangerous ROS. Under normal conditions, cells are capable of maintaining a balance between the production of oxidants and antioxidant.

Oxidative stress can cause premature aging to occur. The key to longevity is to guard against oxidative stress, especially when we are talking about the health of our skin. We will never talk about anti-aging as we think its a silly term that needs to be put out to pasture. Rather we know there are ways to age gracefully while caring for our transitioning skin and bodies. We encourage our community to start caring for their skin sooner rather than later as our bodies own defense systems becomes weaker as we get older. Some simple steps in reducing oxidative damage would be to reduce your overall stress levels. Integrate a product like our Antioxidant Booster into your daily skin routine, and ensure you are consuming enough good water and healthy food to nourish yourself from the inside out.

Products we designed to combat ROS // Antioxidant Booster, Instant Lifting Eye Contour, Night Cellular Renewal

Inflammatory processes can have a significant impact on skin health. When we are young it is essential that our body be able to fight off pathogens. In order to do this we have intense inflammation responses that at the time keep us well and thriving.

With advancing age, we pay the price for this defence system because the disadvantages gradually prevail. The immune system produces more inflammatory messengers with increasing age. This leads to an imbalance which favours inflammation.

It is not characterised by classical, acute inflammations, but rather underlying, on-going processes, which permanently stress the skin and slowly but inexorably cause damage. One could also describe this effect as a “smouldering” in the skin. The skin ageing gains momentum and gentle ageing is made more difficult.

This leads to interesting opportunities for “sustainable” anti- inflammation products. The reduction of inflamm-ageing or slowing its development can significantly enhance the prevention of skin ageing. To counteract inflamm-ageing, the stimulus threshold for sensitive skin must be increased and inflammatory processes controlled.

Products we designed to combat Inflammation // Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir, Antioxidant Booster

So many new sophisticated cosmetic actives have been hitting the skincare market over the last few years (peptides, stem cell protection, infrared protection) that we have been focused too often on what can “combat wrinkles” or “fight ageing”.

The natural elixir, water, and the simple task of supplying the skin with extra moisture has escaped our attention.

Hydration may seem simple, but in fact it is a very important and underestimated part of keeping skin healthy and thriving.

Human skin ageing is a complex biological process, not yet fully understood. It is widely agreed that daily exposure to external factors (extrinsic ageing or photoageing) in addition to the normal process of ageing (intrinsic ageing) causes loss of moisture over time. Thus, skin ageing seems to be associated with a loss of true hydration.

Indeed, there seems to be a sound consensus that the moisture content in the dermis decreases as we age. The gradual loss of the key molecules involved in skin moisture (e.g. hyaluronic acid), along with a compromised barrier layer in the epidermis, is most likely the cause of dehydration.

Proper hydration is one of the most important factors for healthy skin. External moisturisers can be helpful for this. It is not just a matter of supplying the skin with additional moisture, but also of storing and retaining the moisture as long as possible.

The secret to healthy skin is to balance your skin from reaching optimal PH levels to supplying powerful antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients.

Products we designed to combat dehydration // Hydra Revive Treatment, Daily Repair Moisturizer, Night Cellular Renewal