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January 15, 2019 2 min read

Late last year, we debuted our new look in addition to launching a streamlined set of three new targeted products.

It took Yasmine five years to create the Core Collection that we have all come to know and love, but, with a deep desire to expand her brand, Yasmine silently went back to work to create three products that we now know as the Custom Care Collection.⁣ Each product in this new collection is essential oil-free, unscented, and targeted to address an array of skin issues.

This rebrand coupled along with constant R&D for the new Custom Care Collection were not easy tasks. Our team spent many laborious months planning and executing Bella Aura's new look. On top of that, it took us nearly two years to research and formulate the three new Custom Care products. At Bella Aura, we develop products based on efficacy, efficiency and safety – made with your skin in mind. We keep it simple and straightforward, and we don't chase trends. Instead, we – together with a team of leading Swiss scientists, naturopaths, herbalists, and doctors – spend an extensive amount of time to carefully and thoughtfully formulate and craft each product in our line. Each formulation undergoes intense research and development, requiring at least 1 year of repeat formulations and trials.

Through every step of the process, our focus remains on the health and glow of your skin today and the development of your natural defenses for stronger, more beautiful skin tomorrow. We pay close attention to the needs of our customers by providing modern, intelligent, multifunctional, and stressless solutions. Everyone knows less is more, so we focus on the details that actually matter.

The Custom Care Collection is birthed from the same thoughtful approach that gave us the Core Collection, but their incredibly efficacious and targeted formulations make them essentials for anyone’s routine:⁣

The Hydra Revive Treatment is an intense hydrator that will impart the skin with deep hydration, which leaves the skin feeling nourished, refreshed, and plump⁣. Additionally, Hydra Revive rejuvenates 20 years of youthfulness within 4 weeks (in-vivo study). It also effectively soothes eczema while providing 48-hour hydration.

⁣The Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir is a power packed micro silver serum that clarifies the skin without leaving it dull or dry.⁣ It can be used as a spot treatment or an all-over face serum to keep breakouts at bay, reduce inflammation and redness, and soothe the skin. Through several in-vivo studies, Rapid Repair has proven to reduce allergic reactions, protect and regenerate the damaged skin barrier, and reduce the severity of rosacea. Since its launch, we've gotten many comments on how Rapid Repair calmed down pimples overnight, and it is also included in several 'best of 2018' lists!

The Gravity Reverse Body Serum is a lightweight, nutrient-rich indulgence that leaves skin noticeably firmer, smoother and rejuvenated. Formulated with a plant-based collagen, Gravity Reverse is scientifically proven to lift the skin, reduce the appearance of old stretch marks, prevent/diminish cellulite, and activate the production of high-quality collagen.