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November 04, 2019 1 min read


In a world based on consumerism it can be overwhelming to find the right ways in which to take care of ourselves. In the world of skincare, even more so. It is a saturated market with brands claiming this and that all the time. This product will rid you of acne forever, this one will give you the most glowing skin you have ever seen. This one you cannot live without, and this one you should never go near. 

It can be confusing, frustrating and at times even feel impossible to know what the “right” choice is. 

When we developed Bella Aura we wanted to make products that were simple, effective and without any BS. 

So … that is exactly what we did. We want you do less, consume less and yet get skincare that will work with the gorgeous skin you have to heal and restore. Basically we made products that support and enhance all the beauty you already have. 

We don’t make wild claims. We do not fear monger. We simply produce products we are proud of and allow them to prove themselves with the results our customers experience. 

Antioxidant and mineral rich. Restorative ingredients both from nature + science. This is our commitment to you and the world. 

Less is more. ALWAYS! Xo