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August 23, 2019 3 min read

Lauren White
We are so thrilled to be sharing a look inside with one of our incredible ambassadors. We are particular about who we work with. We truly hold so much gratitude for the incredible beings that love our products so much that they make the choice to share them with their circle. Lauren of Wholly Beautiful is an incredible woman dedicated to sharing the best of clean beautyand sustainable fashion.  We hope you love getting to know this beautiful soul. 
How did Wholly Beautiful come to life?
What was the catalyst for starting your fantastic blog?
For years, my clients in the hair salon told me I should start a beauty blog because of my product knowledge. Our first baby was on the way and we had just moved across the country. Since I was planning on staying home with her, I had some time to fill before her arrival. I decided, "Why not? Let's do this thing!"

What inspires you daily in the world?
Coziness. Random gestures of kindness - even one smile from a stranger can shift your mood. I try to be that stranger smiling at never know how much that might mean to the recipient in that given moment. You may be the only smile they see all day!
What makes you feel most beautiful? And what is beauty to you?
Knowing my own strength as a woman. And silk pajamas. Oh good gracious, I have an obsession, especially silky pants and tank tops. Love them. Beauty to me though is knowing your own worth without the input of the world and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. That's confidence, and it's gorgeously refreshing to see.
Scent to me brings back memories. Are there any scents that bring you back to your childhood? Or any other special memory? Is there a product in our line that captures this scent?
The smell of freshly brewed coffee and roasted rosemary potatoes reminds me of childhood. My dad would make those potatoes and sneak us bites when he'd check them. Coffee makes me think of when family would gather around the table, both in my childhood home and my family in Sweden. The smell of coffee brings me tremendous comfort...which is probably why I drink so much of it. There isn't a product in Bella Aura that captures either of those really, however I love the grounding nature of all of the products. The ritual of applying them is meditative in a way.
Scent, sight, touch, taste, sound, out of our five senses which one is your favorite?
Touch. Scent is a close second for me.

Will you share a Bella Aura Product tip with all of us?
Apply Gravity Reverse post shower for the best absorption! Hydra Revive, too. They disappear into the skin, and suddenly the skin is extra glowy and plump.
What does your creative process look like? Can you paint us a little picture of a typical day?
My typical day starts around 7 a.m. when my little sweet pea wakes up. She eats, and we fall back asleep for a few hours usually. Then I take the dogs out, have a cup of coffee, and check emails while she plays. I try to dedicate my daughter's awake daytime hours to lots of playing, socializing at storytime, and exploring; she will only be little once so I've immersed myself completely in this special and fleeting time. It's a season of life. My greatest creative times happen while the babe is asleep though. Then I can focus, whether that's writing for the blog, shooting/editing video, or even taking a moment to be introspective and focus on myself.
If you could visit any five places in the world where would they be and why?
I've already been to Iceland, but it's definitely on my list to go back to. It's the most enchanting place on earth, I'm convinced of it. My husband and I went on a hike up to a viking burial site at sunrise, and we were the only ones up there. That's one of the most incredible things I've ever done!
France. I want to walk everywhere, eat all the yummy food, and people watch. I want to see the city, but the coast and lavender fields are also on my priority list.
Italy. More yummy food; a traditional Sunday lunch at a big table outside would be amazing.
New Zealand for hiking and exploring. There are so many lakes, too!
Hawaii is calling me - salty air is good for the soul. Lots to do, too. Stand up paddleboarding, hiking, beach bumming...I'm all about all of it.