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July 02, 2019 3 min read

We are so thrilled to be sharing a look inside with one of our incredible ambassadors. We are particular about who we work with. We truly hold so much gratitude for the incredible beings that love our products so much that they make the choice to share them with their circle. Peaceful Dumpling is an amazing online magazine that focuses on sustainability, compassion, and plant-based living. Everything from food, wellness, fitness and lifestyle. Get closer to Juhea and check out her amazing platform. 

How did Peaceful Dumpling come to life? What was the catalyst for starting your fantastic online magazine?

It all started in 2013, when I was working a highly stressful job in book publishing in NYC. Peaceful Dumpling started as a creative outlet to find balance in a situation that felt so out of my control. It was a project that allowed me to write about sustainable and ethical living, and feel a sense of autonomy and agency. From taking that risk, everything blossomed in my personal and professional life (through blood, sweat, and tears of course). I would never have guessed at the beginning that six years later, I would be a fiction writer and journalist running my own sustainable online magazine, splitting my time between Pacific Northwest and France.

What inspires you daily in the world?

Art, nature, and love. I’m continually discovering my purpose, inspiration, and reason for being through these three things.

What makes you feel most beautiful? And what is beauty to you?

I could either be wearing a ranger hat and hiking a trail, or decked out in a silky dress and red lipstick, going to the ballet. Or when I’m in love. So I feel most beautiful when I’m embracing my passions. Beauty arrives when you’re living according to your vision.

Scent to me brings back memories. 

Are there any scents that bring you back to your childhood? Or any other special memory?  Is there a product in our line that captures this scent?

My favorite scent memory is the tuberose, from a lei that my friend gave me upon picking me up at the Honolulu airport in 2008. But the entire Bella Aura skincare line reminds me of another exquisite summer. I started using Bella Aura when I went to the Amalfi Coast for a few weeks in 2017. Washing my face with theGentle Purifying Cleanser, then putting on myAntioxidant Booster, Daily Repair Moisturizer, andNight Cellular Renewal brings me back to the heady scent of flowers and the azure sea in Positano.

Scent, sight, touch, taste, sound, out of our five senses, which one is your favorite?

I would probably have to say sight, because even though I love music, I’m definitely not an auditory learner. Though I love perfumes, I’m not very adept at mixing my own scents. I’m a huge visual learner, though, so sight is how I perceive and process my world most of the time. Plus, I totally believe in love at first sight!

What inspires you daily in the world?


Will you share a delicious vegan recipe with us?

This vegan Korean fried “chicken” made with cauliflower is one of the best things I ever made for Peaceful Dumpling. It’s sweet, savory, slightly spicy and so scrumptious.

What does your creative process look like? Can you paint us a little picture of a typical day?

This probably sounds not “mindful,” but I honestly start my day by opening my laptop and plunging into an hour or two of Peaceful Dumpling work, straightaway. Then I go for a walk in the garden or the neighborhood, to re-center and bring fresh energy into my day. The rest of the day is usually editing for Peaceful Dumpling, writing or editing my manuscripts, or site design & update kind of work. I often go workout in the evening—I’d take a yoga or dance class, and afterwards sit in the sauna, thinking about projects. I finish my day off by sitting out on the deck, sipping a glass of wine, reading, and taking down notes of any ideas. My creative process takes place pretty much 24/7—it’s not something that’s separate from my daily life.

If you could visit any five places in the world where would they be and why?

Oh what a lovely question! 

  1. North of Norway—I loved the western fjords, Oslo, and Bergen, next time I want to see polar bears and the Northern Lights. 
  2. Africa—I’ve been to South Africa, and next time I would like to try Kenya, Zimbabwe, or Malawi. 
  3. Coasts of Bretagne and Normandie—I love the French Riviera, this is on my list for when I’m in France next. 
  4. Iceland—I have to go back. 
  5. Copenhagen—I have to cross off this city to complete my Scandinavian checklist.